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The most attractive AI technology 

Artificial intelligence technologies are a broad branch of information technology that deals with the creation of intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. One such technology can be found at where you can generate a photo of any girl. 

Unique abilities offered by neural networks 

For a few more years, the only possibility of introducing artificial intelligence tools was the independent development of these systems. Today, however, most organizations prefer not to develop such solutions or even buy “stand-alone artificial intelligence systems,” but to receive artificial intelligence tools as part of corporate applications.

Neural networks can arbitrarily change photographs and pictures according to given questions; it is obvious that they can, as it were, remove clothes from a photograph and complete the drawing of a naked body. This body will be based on an average idea of it; there may be an incorrect breast size or other special features that the AI simply cannot know about. But it is quite difficult to refute the reality of such information because you need to post a real photo for comparison.

Some neural network research and projects offer the unique ability to visually alter or modify images of people using deep learning and generative adversarial networks. However, one should be careful about the ethical and legal restrictions of such applications. Such technology can be used to create realistic “fake” or distorted images, which can lead to negative consequences, including violation of privacy and illegal use of photographs without consent.

Create a naked version of your favorite photo

The Nudify program we want to pay your attention to works only with women’s photographs is explained by the fact that it is simply easier to find thousands of photos of naked women on the Internet than men, and thus train the neural network. The author of ai nudes also wrote that he plans to create a version where men can also be undressed.

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