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Bryopsis Green growth Control Strategy Worked

Some time back I posted on a strategy for bryopsis green growth control, that elaborate utilizing Kent Marine’s item Kent Tech-M. What’s more, there, I likewise let you know that one of the displays in my consideration was a 900-gallon reef tank with a constant bryopsis green growth issue, and that I was going to utilize this technique to kill the bryopsis green growth from my tank.


Drum roll please………

It worked!

Indeed, it functioned admirably. Prior to treating the tank with the magnesium supplement (Kent Tech-M), we did the accompanying significant stages to get ready:

Arrangement STEPS
Stage 1: performed two 35% water changes to assist with increasing the magnesium level to the typical 1,300ppm and to bring down the phosphate level;

Stage 2: Physically culled/eliminated however much bryopsis as could be expected while the water level was down (during the water change). We did this during both water changes over a time of multi week.

Stage 3: raged the tank with a powerhead on a stick to help get however much rubbish out of the tank as could be expected. We have 4 channel socks in the sump that get it productively;

Stage 4: Supplanted the Rowaphos media (a.k.a. ferric oxide) in our compound channel (Accuracy Marine SR55P Proficient Series Substrate Reactor), which assists with annoying and worry the bryopsis green growth.

Stage 5: Started dosing kalkwasser (soaked arrangement of calcium hydroxide and R.O. water), which encourages out phosphates so the protein skimmer can eliminate them. It additionally raises the pH to 8.3-8.5, which hinders the development of undesirable green growth, for example, bryopsis and hair green growth. What’s more, kalkwasser likewise assists with hoisting alkalinity, which additionally restrains undesirable green growth.

Stage 6: Switched off the enacted carbon channel. This is only a hunch, yet since the dynamic fixing in Kent Marine’s Tech-M magnesium supplement isn’t realized (what destroys the bryopsis), I surely didn’t believe that the enacted carbon should eliminate it. Initially, individuals felt it was the raised magnesium level that was accomplishing the work, however after different strategies for raising the magnesium level delivered conflicting outcomes, it was reasoned that Kent Marine’s Tech-M item worked the best due to some secret dynamic fixing.

Now that the arrangement steps were finished we were prepared to start dosing the Kent Tech-M (magnesium supplement). The fundamental guidelines are to ensure that you don’t raise the magnesium level by more than 100ppm each day.

So I proceeded dosing the tank to raise the magnesium level by 100ppm each day until the magnesium level was between 1600-1800ppm, and in multi week the bryopsis dropped to under half of what it was prior to dosing. What’s more, by about fourteen days, the vast majority of the bryopsis was gone from the showcase tank. I was agreeably shocked.

Generally it required fourteen days and the Bryopsis is currently gone. It is my inclination that the forceful manual culling/evacuation was a basic move toward annoying/focusing on the bryopsis. Also, recall that we did this only preceding changing out the Rowaphos media (brought phosphates down to nothing) and the resulting dosing of the magnesium supplement.

We will see everything time will say. I have known about the bryopsis returning after an effective treatment, so the consistent watchfulness will proceed – as it generally does with a really fruitful saltwater aquarium.

Kindly remark and offer your involvement in hair green growth or bryopsis and how you went about it and what worked out.

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